About Chris

Full Name: Christopher Vincent FritzChris

Age: 24

Hometown: Westfield, MA (ages 0-6), Antwerp, Belgium (6-18), East Lansing, MI (18-present)

Family: Parents Gary and Doreen; brother Jack (21); sister Amanda (27)

Education: Michigan State University, B.S. in Secondary Education, with German major and Computer Science minor

Career: German instructor at Lansing Community College, technology teacher for Lansing’s Information Technology Empowerment Center (ITEC), education researcher and blogger

Interests: Professionally, my main interests include educational technology, cognitive psychology and motivation, and student-directed learning. In my free time, I very much enjoy gaming, reading (though mostly for research), cuddling on the couch with Katie, and getting to know the wonderful people and places and of Lansing!

Why I love Katie: First and foremost, because she loves me and that love never wavers. She also supports me in everything I do, always giving me her honest opinion and pushing me to challenge myself so I can achieve my goals. In our free time, she’s an amazing cook! If you don’t already follow her food blog, start now and urge her to post more often. More posts = more deliciousness for me. 🙂 Another thing I love is she’ll almost always laugh at my jokes*, even as she rolls her eyes. That’s the dream!

*Encouraging my sense of humor does not qualify as a valid reason to object to our union.


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