About Katie

About Chris

Our Story

We met in early 2006 in German class – GRM 302 with Dr. Green. Chris was intrigued by the girl who always had something to add to the discussion. Katie first really noticed Chris when he helped her set up her presentation on

Schubert on the classroom computer. They began talking, started going places together, and got to know each other. Emboldened by Katie’s accidental signals (he still doesn’t believe she didn’t know how to get to the International Center… from Wells), Chris flaunted his German skills and asked Katie to dinner.

Our first date was at Emil’s in Lansing, with stops at a comic book store and Gone Wired Cafe. Although it was freezing and we missed the bus back, we had a nice time. Our second big date was the Honors College Ball on campus. After about a month, we decided we were “together.” When Chris decided to go to Freiburg, Germany for a year to study German, we had to decide: would we take a break, or stay together while we were 4,000 miles apart? We were pretty sure we had something good, so we decided to tough it out. It was a difficult year, but Chris came back to Michigan in August 2008 and we moved in together, along with our good friend Hannah, for our last year at MSU.

After we both graduated in May 2009, we moved to a new apartment in East Lansing – our first as a couple. Katie took a full-time position with CEDAM, where she had been interning, and Chris student-taught German for a semester before switching gears to teach at community college and with Lansing’s Information Technology Empowerment Center (ITEC). We enjoy living in the Lansing area, close to family, friends, the university, and the Capitol, and we hope to stay at least a few more years.

The Proposal (Chris’s perspective)

I had known I wanted to ask Katie to marry me for a while, but kept waiting for the perfect moment. A moment when we had no problems lingering in the back of our minds, when the apartment was clean, all the shopping had been done, and we were both satisfied at work. Well, the perfect moment never came. Life kept on happening and we had to deal with it, so I put it off. One day though, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I went to a floral shop, told them what I wanted and got this ring fashioned for the big question. Later that night, as I proposed, I told Katie about my internal struggle. The perfect moment never came and it still hadn’t arrived. So much of my life was still uncertain – but despite all that, when it seemed I couldn’t count on anyone or anything else, I knew Katie would always love me and support me. That’s the one thing that never changes. So I got down on one knee, held up the ring, and asked her the big question. And she said, “Yes!”


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